Dressings, Packing, Pads, Sponges, Rolls & Bandages

Here is your guide to wound care dressing, packing and bandages:
Abdominal Dressings
are highly absorbent pads with backing that prevents leakage when applied to large abdominal incisions or large trauma sites that exudate (leak fluid).
DuoDerm Dressing is a hydrocolloid (gel forming agent), moisture retentive dressing for wounds that are high exudating (leaking).
Gauze Pads & Drain Sponges are absorbent pads for different types of wounds that exudate. Available in a variety of styles and types for all kinds of wounds and usually part of a total wound care system.
Gauze Rolls are non-sticking rolls of gauze in sterile, non-sterile, stretch and non-stretch types. Used as part of a total wound dressing system.
Hydropolymer or Hydrogel Dressings Are transparent and water based. They hydrate tissue and facilitate debridement using the body's own enzymes. Because of the relatively high water content, there is limited drainage and/or absorption. Some sheets and all gels need a cover dressing and tape to hold them in place and are easy to use. They require no mixing. Not recommended for moderate or heavily draining wounds because of the limited absorptive ability.
Non-Adherent Dressings use no adhesives and the wound contact layer will not stick to the wound itself. They are available impregnated or nonimpregnated and discourage foreign matter from becoming lodged in the wound bed. They can be used on skin tears, donor site and skin grafts. Most non-adherent dressings require a cover bandage or tape to hold them in place.
Packing Strips can be plain or be impregnated with iodoform solution. Used for nasal passages, drainage wicks or packing deep wounds to manage infection.
Steri-Strip Adhesive Skin Closures are designed to make skin closures fast and simple with less infection potential than sutures and staples. The non-invasive technique reduces tissue trauma and improves patient comfort.
Self Adherent Wrap is an elastic wrap that functions as a tape, but only sticks to itself, not the skin. Used for basic wound dressing and compression dressings.
Tubular Elastic Bandages are used for pressure dressings and also provide support for sprains, weak joints or general edema.
Self Adherent Dressings are designed to stick to themselves and not to the skin (such as coban), or they can also be a dressing that already has adhesive on the border of the product, such as an island or transparent dressing.