TENS, Digital Ultima Dual Channel

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Manufacturer Pain Management Technologies
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Digital Ultima Five TENS

A dual-channel five-mode device with two wave form adjustments and a large LCD screen. This device is remarkable for its function, and traditional looks mixed with new-age digital style. Also includes a soft carrying case. The Ultima Five is a quality choice at a valued price.

TENS machine treats many kinds of pain. The Tens nerve stimulator can help lessen acute (short-term) pain, like after surgery or an accident. Chronic pain (long-term), like arthritis, back or muscle pain, or cancer pain may also be lessened with tens electrotherapy device. Some people have trouble taking pain medicine. TENS is a safe, drug-free way to help control pain for these people as well. Patented pain-relief technology for treating sore muscles and joints and to relieve recent bruising and muscle pain where injury is relatively superficial such as sports related muscle strains.

A prescription from your physician or physical therapist is required for this device.

The handheld neuromuscular stimulation device comes ready-to-use with 1 Pack of FREE Electrodes (each disposable electrode lasts 10-15 treatments), a 5 year limited Warranty against mechanical defects, 2 Industrial Strength AA Batteries, Pair of lead wires, carrying case, belt clip, and user manual.

• Includes: Device, batteries, lead wires, 1-4pack of electrodes, carrying case and users manual.
• Channel: Dual Channels, Isolated between channel
• Output Maximum 130 mA (peak value) across 500 Ohm load
• Pulse Width From:50 μS to 250 μS adjustable
• Pulse Rate:2 Hz to 150 Hz Adjustable
• Wave Form:Symmetrical bi-phasic rectangular Monophasic rectangular


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