Adscope 604 Stethoscope, Pediatric

Item Number AD604BK
Manufacturer Part No 604BK
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The Adscope 604 is the Pediatric version of the 603. Features a pediatric chestpiece with a 1 1/8" bell and 1 3/8" diaphragm and no chill ring.
PVC ear tips (small and large included), spare diaphragm and scope ID tag included.
30.5" long and weighs 5.25oz.
Lifetime warranty, latex free BLACK (not blue) tubing.

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Very pleased
J Watts (Louisville, KY) 12/3/2009 10:37 AM
Works as well as my Littman did, if not better, at a fraction of the cost.
Just as good as You-Know-Who
M. Jorn (PA) 12/3/2009 10:37 AM
After my first ADC pediatric stethoscope was recently lost or stolen I needed a new scope fast. I loved the last one so decided to replace it with another ADC. Not before I peeked at the Littmanns though... $73-125?? Believe me, they are no better acoustically! Paying extra (2-4 times as much)just because they advertise on "ER"? The only thing the other brand has going for it is a better color selection (but only on the peds model) and slighly more comfortable ear tips, although the Adsoft rubber tips aren't bad and I appreciate that it comes with extras. It arrived faster than I expected, too. All I ask is that if you need a good stethoscope buy your own ADC and leave mine alone!

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