Prosphyg 760, Large Adult Blood Pressure

Item Number AD760-12XBK
Manufacturer Adscope
Manufacturer Part No 760-12XBK
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Product Description

The Prosphyg 760 has a black enamel 300mmHg no-pin stop manometer. Adcuff nylon with Size Guide marking system prevents mis-cuffing. Dip molded latex inflation bladder for heavy use. Chrome plated brass air release valve.
Black leatherette carrying case with nylon zipper.
Large adult size cuff that fits 13 1/2" - 20" arms.
2Year warranty, 20 Year calibration warranty.
Latex free.

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Product Reviews

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Very basic and works well
C.H. (Ohio) 12/3/2009 9:59 AM
I bought this ADC model and a friend of mine bought the prestige model. The prestige has a nicer cuff (satin material), but the hose connection to the pump on the prestige comes loose easily. However, the satin cuff does make for more comfort and is more flexible, allowing one to fold the cuff to see the gage better; where as the ADC model's cuff is very stiff and hard to bend.
Pearl (Florida) 12/3/2009 9:59 AM
I am very pleased with the product. I am able to check my blood pressure regularly and the device is accurate. The reason it is is because right after taking with my device I also checked with the doctor and turned out to be the same. I am very happy with the product and it was a very good deal. I worked as a nurse before and I believe this is the most accurate way to measure the blood pressure.

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