Odor Remover, Zorbx Unscented

Item Number MI1750
Manufacturer Miscellaneous
Manufacturer Part No ZOR1750
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Product Description

The convenient 7.5oz size of this odor remover allows you to tuck it away in any room for ease of use whenever harsh odors are present!
Advanced. Safer. Stronger
Non-Toxic and Biodegradable. Suitable for individuals with allergies & respiratory problems.
It is used and recommended by healthcare professionals in hospitals and nursing homes.
Safe to use in your home, around pets, people, and plants. Can be used everywhere!

ZORBX is strong - It will remove skunk, paint, fuel oil, and gasoline odors!

Safe to use on:
Clothes - You can spray your clothes with it, add it to your Laundry and more.
Furniture - Safe to spray directly on furniture.
Hands - Can be used on your hands to remove cooking and other smells from your hands.
Hardwood Floors - Can be sprayed directly on Hardwood Floors.
Carpets - Safe to spray on carpets or you can add it to your carpet steamer.
All Sports Gear.
Pets and Bedding.
Trash cans & Diaper pails.
and many more. Surprise yourself.

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