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We sell a wide range of compression stockings from Sigvaris and Medi.

To order or get pricing, call 303-455-1300 or 800-873-7121.

A Prescription is required for some compression stockings - please fax Rx to 303-455-1333.

Measurements must be taken to get a correct fit. The best time to measure is first thing in the morning when swelling is at its lowest.
For help with how to take measurements, please call us and we will walk you through the process.

Compression Stockings Explained
Compression Sockings help your circulatory system work like it should by pushing dilated vein walls back into place. The result is increased blood flow which, in turn, significantly reduces leg swelling, pain, fatigue and risk of blood clot formation.
Compression stockings are available in different levels of compression and the unit used to classify compression stockings is mmHg, or manometric units of pressure. These stockings are made of elastic fibers or rubber and have higher compression at the ankle, where veins are the weakest and swelling usually is worse, and gradually lower compression up the leg.
Compression stockings can be used for diseases such as Deep Vein Thrombosis, Diabetes and Venous Disorders. Medical stockings usually require a prescription from your doctor since exact compression fit is critical.
Compression Stockings can also be used for travel related swelling, during pregnancy, for prevention of vericose veins and by athletes.
You will need to be fitted for compression stockings and the best time to do this is early in the morning, when swelling is at its lowest.
Stockings also wear out after about six months, so its important to get new ones regularly to achieve the desired benefit. Stockings start around $30 per pair and go up to around $100, depending on the compression level and style.
The first thing you will notice when you first put on compression stockings is reduced swelling. They do take some getting used to, but they will make you feel so much better!
Please note that compression items are not returnable for sanitary and health reasons.

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